Gun Free Zones: Exhibit A in the Case Against Gun Control

I’ve been focused on the primaries recently, but today I’ll get back to talking about important conservative authors…

Last year, I had the privilege of attending a lecture given by the highly influential economist, John Lott. His book, More Guns, Less Crime, examines the correlation between gun control laws and crime. The depth and detail of his research is astonishing, and the results have come as a shock to many. Evidently, taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens actually *gasp* increases crime!

Obviously, Lott’s findings have been quite unpopular among liberals, and it’s no wonder as to why.  For years, the left has sworn that all crime could disappear, if only everybody would just put their guns down and play nice. As per usual, liberals wish to force the rest of us to act as if we live in the imaginary, utopian society they plan to build. They forget that evil people exist, and that sometimes even good people do very bad things. Sure- let’s pretend that all the honest, law-abiding citizens are disarmed. Do you think the criminals and derelicts of the world are going to willingly give up their weapons? Sure… right away…

In the lecture I attended, Lott discussed the failure of gun-free zones in what has to be the single best example of the irrationality of gun control I’ve ever heard. Imagine you are a(n) engineering/medical/law/women’s studies student at StateU. You’re a law-abiding, play by the rules type of guy, but the school’s overflow parking is 54,646 miles from your last class – and it’s in a shady part of town. You’ve secured a lawful concealed carry license (including a criminal background check & a firearms safety course) so you can carry the 9mm dad gave you for Christmas. Do you know what kind of penalty you face if you are caught with that gun on campus, even if it is just in your car, parked in the school lot? Let’s think about that – 1) obviously you’ll get a felony conviction and possibly jail time for bringing a firearm into a gun-free zone, 2) you’ll be expelled from school, and due to the firearms conviction, and 3) you’ll be unlikely to be able to attend any other school where they don’t provide you with your own tools. The same goes if you happen to be a professor in this situation – felony charges, jail time, & career destroyed. That gun-free zone will most certainly deter you from carrying on campus.

Now, say you’re a homicidal maniac looking to settle a score. If you’re planning to shoot and kill a few of your fellow students and professors, you pretty much expect to spend the rest of your life in prison – or to take your own life as an alternative. At that point, the penalty for carrying a gun into a gun-free zone will mean very little in comparison. As a nice little bonus, you know you’ll have plenty of time to pick off the folks you happen to be looking for. Since no one else in the “gun-free zone” will be armed, there will be no one to stop you.

Lott’s book, More Guns, Less Crime, proves that gun-free zones, like all gun-control laws, only disarm people unwilling to commit crimes. Consider that next time you pass by one of these gun-free zones:

Post Offices



(Notice that gun-free zones are so often the setting for mass-shootings, it’s almost cliche.)


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